Rise of the precision shooter.

We’ve integrated over 50 years of master tool making and a firearm obsession into one of the most innovative, game-changing companies on the rise in the firearm industry. 

Our mission is to rethink and meet the needs of the modern shooter. We design and produce highly technical hunting, long-range shooting and precision firearm products to improve accuracy, eliminate "cant error," and satisfy your demand for precision and dependability.

We are born and raised in the USA, and our pride, craftsmanship, and innovation fuel each and every product we create. Flatline Ops design, engineering, and manufacturing facility is located in between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Bellingham, Washington. 

Please contact us with any questions you have about the products or company.

// Flatline Allies

Chuck McCoy

chuck mccoy, long range hunter, Flatline Ops CEO Founder, Flatlineops.com

Name: Chuck McCoy, Flatline Ops, Inc., Founder & CEO

Chuck McCoy, founder and owner of Flatline Ops, Inc., has over a 49 year history as a master mold maker, industrial/product designer and engineer. Combined with a half century of hunting and shooting experience, he has a clear and innovative vision of what is needed by the precision shooter. Because of his detailed orientation to precision and high performance, Flatline products reflect unmatched quality and functionality for today’s marksman. 

Brent McCoy

Brent McCoy, Flatline Ops creative and marketing director

Name: Brent McCoy, Flatline Ops, Inc., Creative & Marketing Director

Brent McCoy, Marketing/Creative Director and co-owner of Flatline Ops, Inc., has over 18 years in the creative, design and advertising world. Raised in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington, Brent has experienced life in the outdoors hunting and fishing from an early age. His passion for design and a true transparent brand experience makes him a perfect fit for what Flatline Ops stands for in the firearm industry and its customers.

Dennis Jensen

Dennis Jensen, Long Range Shooter uses the flatlineops accu/level
  • Name: Dennis Jensen
  • AKA: Dr Death
  • State: Arizona
  • Occupation: Private Pilot & Flaltine Ops R&D 
  • Years Hunting: 45
  • Years Shooting: 48
  • Shooting Frequency: 5 times a month
  • Preferred Shooting Distance: 600-800 yards
  • Shooting Schools attended: Hollands Long Range Shooting School

Favorite Firearms: For hunting I prefer my 7-300WIN. 6XC, and for targets 6.5-06 6XC .308

“I've got a level on 6 of my firearms. It swings out effortlessly for easy viewing of the level and turet adjustment. These are very simple to set up level on the gun thanks to the adjustable set screws.”

Jim See

Jim See, Long range Hunter
  • Name: Jim See
  • State: Wisconsin
  • Occupation: Custom rifle builder, Long Range Hunter
  • Years Hunting: 30
  • Years Shooting: 35
  • Shooting Frequency: Weekly
  • Preferred Shooting Distance: 600-2000 yards

Favorite Firearms: For Hunting Long Range: I have used the 260 remington, 7mm RUM and the 300 RUM in the past. I am currently hunting with my custom 338 Edge, I built on a Surgeon action, Brux Barrel and McMillian A-5 stock. For Hunting in the timber, my favorite carry rifle is a 7WSM I built on a Remington model 7 action. For running and gunning coyotes I love my Bushmaster v-match 16. For Target: I shoot targets with many rifles but have really enjoyed working with the 6mm BR in mid-range(600 yard) f-class. I still shoot a 6.5x284 in Long Range f-class. 

“There is not a finer scope level indicator on the market. The features of the ACCU/LEVEL make it the industry leader. It's easy to instal truly level to you rifle/scope, and is accurate and repeatable. Any Questions? Read my review.”