Co-Founder of Modern Day Sniper


I've been fascinated with shooting things really far away, since I was a kid.
As a voracious reader, I taught myself how to shoot at 14 years old and bought
my first centerfire rifle. The passion I developed, led me to fulfill a dream
of attaining the title of a Marine Corps Scout/Sniper; I lived that lifestyle
for just shy of a decade - doing the best job in the world. I also discovered
that I had a passion for teaching and spent time as an instructor at a couple
of the schoolhouses in the Marine Corps. I was seriously injured during a
combat trip to Iraq in 2004, which subsequently ended my Marine Corp career.
I landed in Washington state to pursue a new life. I tried to do something
other than shooting, but that didn't last long and I found myself with a small
company teaching civilians and military snipers. The passion that led me to
chase my dream of being a sniper also led me to being a full-time long range
shooting instructor. I work, as a contractor, for notable companies in the
industry and continue to develop my skills and knowledge of how everything works.
Now, along with my partner Phillip Velayo and my incredibly supportive and
amazing wife, we run Modern Day Sniper and continue to live our passions every

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Flatline Ops Product used: Halo-X, Bone Spur, Sniper-X

My favorite product from Flatline Ops is definitely the Halo-X. It's everything you need, and nothing that you don't! For my Leupold scopes, the Bone Spur is dope.

Caylen Wojcik

HALO-X™ ACCU/LEVEL™ Rigid, Stationary
HALO-X™ ACCU/LEVEL™ Rigid, Stationary