Harris Bipod Slippers

Harris Bipod Slippers

Achieve True-line Bipod Recoil

Bipods are one of the most useful accessories you can have for your rifle. A sturdy brace at the front of your firearm can result in a more accurate shot, especially at long distances. But inherently, like any tool, they can be improved. Because of the rubber feet on the bipod it is hard to achieve a true even recoil. The feet can catch or bind up on any surface causing the gun to recoil improperly and can affect any shot with distance.

Another issue can be tracking your shot side to side and loading the center spring. Upon firing, the recoil path can be affected by the loaded spring throwing the bullet off target, again, especially over a longer distance.

Product Highlights:

1) Helps eliminate ground loading

2) Helps eliminate ground drag

3) Helps eliminate bipod twist and torque

4) Helps achieve true line recoil

5) Slides easily over the ground helping to eliminate body position changes for faster target aquisition.

Solid, Durable Construction

Machined from battle tested Delrin Polymer, the bipod feet are virtually indestructible and easy to install. Simply snap the Slipper on the rubber bipod foot and you are ready to go.


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