Missplaced or need extra hardware for your level?

Be sure you know what level you have, if you don't know which one you have, please refer to the product page, then select kit base on that levels naming. We have recently simplified the level naming system.

Our screw replacement kits for all level systems include the following:

1) Sniper Replacement Kit: 2 strap screws, 1 fine-adjustment screw and wrenches*

2) Patriot Replacement Kit: 2 strap screws, 2 vial andjustment screws and wrenches*

3) Recon Replacement Kit: 2 strap screws and wrenches*

4) HaloX Replacement Kit: 1 strap screws and wrench*

5) Tango RM Replacement Kit: 2 pic rail screws, 1 fine-adjustment, 1 top plate screw and wrenches*

5) Tango SM Replacement Kit: 2 Spuhr interface screws, 1 fine-adjustment, 1 top plate screw and wrenches*

6) Bone Spur Replacement Kit: Bone Spur Lug Screw and Torx wrench*

7) Slot Lock / ADI Replacement Kit: 2 pic rail screws, 1 ADI/ACI screw and wrenches*


*We have discounted retail price listed above to $1.00 on most screw kits listed to offset the flat rate shipping of $5.00 

* Return Policy

Flatline Ops warrants all products for 1 year from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. Proof of purchase is required (sales receipt) when making a warranty claim or return request.

Flatline Ops at its discretion, will repair or replace any part or parts of the product determined to be defective and will do so at Flatline Ops’ expense. Contact Flatline Ops with warranty questions or claims.