The future of shooting bags. 


The BODY BAG™ is the latest in our product line to improve accuracy. We have combined over 30 different shooting bags and heights into one lightweight, adjustable, and multifunctional shooting bag. Simply rest the butt of your rifle on the BODY BAG™ and roll or unroll for your desired height. Add the BOOSTER BAG™ core for more unlimited heights. The center-lock recoil support channel keeps the stock centered and stable before and after recoil, eliminating side-to-side movement. For micro-height adjustments, simply slide the BODY BAG™ forward or backward on the stock.

Durable Construction

Made with highly durable, water-resistant Cordura® and filled with polypropylene micro-pellets, the BODY BAG™ is ultra-lightweight and won’t hold water and weigh you down. The BODY BAG BELT™ allows you to choose to wear the bag as a belt or sling for quick retrieval and access.

The basics are simple. Place the BODY BAG™ under the rear of the firearm resting it onto the center-lock recoil channel. Roll or un-roll the bag to a desired height. For micro-adjustments, simply slide the bag forward or back on the butt.

Open the BodyBag flat and its a great place to rest your rifle on its side to keep it out of harsh terrain.



Get creative and stack, roll or fold
the BODYBAG™ in any configuration.

You can also add the Booster Bag as a core to increase height of the body bag.

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 34" x 5.5" unrolled/ 4.5" x 5.5" rolled

Weight: 16 oz.

Material: 500 Din Cordura, Nylon

Core: Sealed Poly Micro-Pellets




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Flatline Ops at its discretion, will repair or replace any part or parts of the product determined to be defective and will do so at Flatline Ops’ expense. Contact Flatline Ops with warranty questions or claims.