Co-Founder of Modern Day Sniper


Former Marine Scout Sniper instructor turned precision rifle competitor. Long range shooting is my hobby, but teaching is my passion. Follow Phil on instagram @velayo_0317

Flatline Ops Product used: Halo-X, Bone Spur, Sniper-X

Flatline Ops produces the cleanest and most effective levels on the market. Whether I’m shooting at a long range competition, hunting in the backcountry, or in combat as a sniper, my Flatline Ops levels gives me the confidence that my rifle is true to the horizon. I won’t leave the house without one on my rifle.

Phillip Velayo

HALO-X™ ACCU/LEVEL™ Rigid, Stationary
HALO-X™ ACCU/LEVEL™ Rigid, Stationary
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